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Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Throat, Neck & Oral Cancers

Throat, Neck & Oral Cancers

Throat, Neck & Oral Cancer Rehabilitation

Donna Sarna Physiotherapy can play an important role in the rehabilitation of men and women whom have undergone treatment for throat, neck and oral cancers.  Pain in the face, neck, shoulder complex and arm can occur for a variety of reasons and is often associated with adhesions and scarring that develops around the incision as a result of the surgery and/or radiation.  It can also be a result of irritation of one or more of the nerves in the face, neck or chest wall, which may be entrapped by scar tissue or potentially cut during surgery. When this occurs, neck and shoulder range of motion is often reduced causing pain and decreased strength.  Difficulty with voice volume, clarity, and swallowing can potentially occur.  Symptoms vary between individuals based on many factors (ie. location of cancer, type of surgery, radiation).

What Symptoms Can We Treat?

  • Restricted range of motion in the neck and shoulder
  • Restricted range of motion in the jaw
  • Pain involving the head, neck, and shoulders
  • Difficulty swallowing
  • Difficulty with voice volume and projection
  • Decreased strength involving the head, neck, and shoulder muscles
  • Headaches

How Can Donna Sarna Physiotherapy Help?

At Donna Sarna Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation, the physiotherapist will perform an assessment to evaluate range of motion of the back, upper extremities, neck and jaw.  Strength, posture, scar mobility, and soft tissue restrictions will also be assessed.

An individualized treatment program will be developed based on assessment findings and may include myofascial release, visceral manipulation, and education in self release techniques and stretches for the muscle and fascial system. Postural education, scapular/core stabilization exercises and upper extremity strengthening exercises will be included in your rehabilitation program.