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Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Donna Sarna, B.A., BMR(PT), M.Sc.

Physiotherapist / Owner

Donna Sarna obtained her Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation in Physiotherapy from the University of Manitoba, graduating in 1992. Initially focused on orthopedics and sports injury, Donna later worked as part of a team of healthcare practitioners in a multi-disciplinary organization specializing in chronic pain. Since then, the philosophy that optimal health involves the whole individual, specifically the connection between mind and body, is Donna’s overarching approach. In 2000, Donna began her own practice using this holistic method in the care of her clients. During this time, she also pursued a Master of Science degree in the area of Medical Rehabilitation which she completed in 2005. She also trained in Stott Pilates, under the tutelage of Monique Lavoie, Lead Instructor Trainer with MerrithewTM and has incorporated Stott Pilates into her daily practice. She is proud to have been involved in the development of a special Pilates class for Cancer Rehabilitation which has been supported by corporate and community sponsorship.

Donna’s extensive training in the treatment of pelvic floor pain and dysfunction began in 2002. She was one of a few physiotherapists pioneering the movement in Manitoba. For 20 years Donna has been a strong advocate for promoting education to the public in the area of pelvic floor health and wellness, as well as in women’s health in general. She brings her holistic approach to the area of pelvic floor rehabilitation, connecting the pelvic floor with the lumbopelvic girdle and addressing any imbalances in the system to optimize the physical and functional recovery of the body as a whole.  She has completed extensive training in pelvic floor therapy in both Canada and the United States, as well as attended multiple international symposiums with healthcare professionals from all over the world. Although completing her levels in the Canadian system through the Uro Sante Group, she decided to complete a certification for the treatment of the pelvic floor, through the American Physical Therapy Association (CAPP-Pelvic), to continue to broaden her knowledge base. Her training also encompasses the treatment of prostate, throat, gynecological and breast cancer, working to maximize the rehabilitation potential for these individuals. She is qualified to perform internal pelvic floor assessments for dysfunction related to incontinence, pelvic floor organ prolapse, anorectal dysfunction and/or pain conditions for both women and men. She is also qualified to treat the pediatric population in this area. Donna also provides prenatal and post-partum assessments, education and treatment to optimize the health of new moms in the areas of pelvic floor, core and breast health. She also works with women during perimenopause and menopause to aid them through this time of transition.

Donna’s extensive post graduate training also includes acupuncture, mobilization of the nervous system, joint mobilization, and exercise prescription including addressing movement dysfunction and imbalances, hypopressive techniques, as well as techniques geared toward the release of soft tissue. She has also completed advanced training in the areas of myofascial release, visceral mobilization and craniosacral therapy which she incorporates into her daily practice to successfully treat not only orthopaedic/sports injuries, but also utilizes it in more specialized areas of practice including vocal dysphonia, pelvic floor dysfunction and adhesions secondary to inflammation and/or surgery. She utilizes these techniques along with postural education, self-management techniques and exercise prescription to aid in improving pain and dysfunction. Donna’s philosophy and approach to her practice is that you can never have too many tools in your toolbox as every client is unique. She is a “hands on therapist” and continues to treat a wide variety of clients with pelvic floor dysfunction, vocal/swallowing dysfunction, orthopedic conditions, sports injuries, as well as chronic pain.

Donna is a frequent presenter on women’s health to the public and to health care professionals. She was also involved in developing a course on the orthopedic role of the pelvic floor, as well as a course for speech pathologists in the management and treatment of vocal dysphonia. She has also been and continues to be involved in a research and development project that focusses on the management of abdominal separation (diastasis recti) related to pregnancy, to aid in determining the effectiveness of a postpartum support garment and exercise prescription.

On her own time, Donna enjoys Pilates, long walks in the woods with her family, swimming, and kayaking.