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Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Candace Burke, BMR(PT)


Candace graduated with her Bachelor of Medical Rehabilitation in Physiotherapy from the University of Manitoba in 2009. After working with patients with hip and knee replacements at Concordia Hospital, she elected for a change of scenery and moved to Australia. She worked in private practise, treating patients in a general population, including older adults and elite athletes, and gaining experience in hydrotherapy. Candace joined the Donna Sarna Physiotherapy team in 2018.

Candace’s post-graduate training includes hydrotherapy, vestibular assessment and acupuncture. She has achieved Herman and Wallace pelvic floor level 1 certification, and she continues to train in that area.  Candace’s currently works with a variety of clientele treating orthopedic and sport related injuries, vestibular issues, neurological conditions, and performs pelvic floor therapy.

Candace knew she wanted to be a physiotherapist from age 16 onwards, and she loves the variety of the work, the vast skill set required, and getting to know people. Her passion is helping people get back to functioning the way they want to without pain. She tries to keep things simple for clients and not bombard them with too much explanation or too many exercises to do at home, but she is always happy to provide more explanations.

A lifelong athlete, Candace has played soccer for the past 20 years, reaching the Premier level. She has also participated in sprint-level triathlons, and loves trying new sports, including rugby, netball and Aussie rules football. In her spare time, Candace is re-learning winter sport skills. She enjoys hanging out with her family and her bulldog Ty, who accompanied her from Australia.