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Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

Author Archives: Trish Frechette

Bladder Irritants

Have you ever heard of the term overactive bladder or OAB?  It is associated with a very strong urge to urinate and often the…

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What is Pelvic Floor Therapy?

The pelvic floor is compromised a series of muscles that span the bottom of the pelvis extending from the pubic bone to the tailbone….

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Tips to Aid in Managing Tightness and Restriction After Undergoing a Mastectomy

Pain and tension can be a common occurrence for individuals following a mastectomy.  One of the underlying reasons is the formation of scar tissue…

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Shout Out

Donna Sarna Physiotherapy and Rehab has had a long standing interest in helping clients with cancer through the rehabilitation process. As part of this,…

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